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Fraser Health Library Services provides online access to over 1700 e-journal titles. You can search for your favourite journal on the Full Text Journals page, or browse a selected list of available titles below.

Current Full-Text Journals

Embargoed Full-Text Journals (delayed access to most recent issues)

Journals available in printed format

  • Healthcare management forum (RCH, SMH)
  • Nursing management (RMH and online)
  • Healthcare quarterly (RCH, SMH, and online)
  • Healthcare papers (RCH and online)
  • Healthcare policy (RCH and online)
  • Hospital quarterly (SMH)

Articles from the above journals may be requested from library staff.

Related Journals:

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Table of Contents Service

Would you like to receive an email every time a new issue of your favourite journal is published, containing the table of contents? Ask a library staff member how to set this up. It's a great way to keep current!

May we recommend Table of Contents service for:

  • Healthcare management forum (4 per year)
  • Nursing management (12 per year)
  • Healthcare quarterly (4 per year)
  • Healthcare papers (4 per year)
  • Healthcare policy (4 per year)
  • Hospital quarterly (4 per year)

Prefer RSS? Ask us how to set up Table of Contents service in your feed reader.